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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blogger Blog Censored?

Howard E. Morseburg of sent this in – judge for yourself:

“I do not understand, or perhaps I am too dense to understand, but after two years of Blogging at Blogger, I am shut off and no one will answer my emails either.

My Blogs up until Sept. 3 are posted, but on my two Blog sites they have continued to cancel them since then.

On one Blog I had a story about Cuba (all that I do is carefully researched and I have been studying Cuba since 1955, and earlier), and with it I posted a picture that I had someone do for me, a Cockroach with fidel castro’s face on it. That is legitimate editorial content, and if I could draw, I’d have done it as a drawing.

No explanation; it was deleted. I wrote another Blog and resent it. Deleted. Ten Blogs have been deleted. I even removed the Cockroach and put in a picture of the American flag. Deleted.

I’m 80, an overseas veteran of WWII. I write all the time and this is the first time I’ve been censored since WWII.

Blogger has a feature where readers can Red Flag your Blog if they find it objectionable, so in the Havana headquarters where they monitor those active in the anti-Castro community, as I have been since 1961, they can anominously Flag me and get me censored. It is a feature which can be misused and abused.

If it is intended to censor porn, in just a few minutes of checking, I found two innocent looking Sites that led directly to hard-core porn. Once there, you cannot back out, but must close and restart your computer.

The picture which is causing my problems is above.

Any ideas?”

Update: Howard corrects the URL to (the other banned site was


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