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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Undo in Web Apps

Signal vs Noise discusses an “Undo” function spotted in Gmail – it may be less obtrusive than always asking for confirmation. (In case you are programming an Ajax web application anytime soon, you might want to think about implementing such an Undo button, too.)

Blog Drone

Blog Drone can write automatically generated weblog journal entries for you. [Via Generator Blog.]

Also see the Blog-o-Matic.

Interesting Visuals

When visual art meets programming, some nice demos are created.


The Google Maps API powered SmugMaps is putting the geo-tagged photos of the SmugMug database (which contains around 36,000,000 images, the site says) onto the planet.


This is what Dumbfind have to say about their search engine:

“Through DumbfindÂ’s two box search technology users are able to search for keywords (as they would on any ordinary search engine) and reorder those results using generalized topics. This is a new approach to search that allows users to better utilize their intuition to construct queries without learning the complex innerworkings of search engines.”

[Via ResearchBuzz.]

Flickr Down For Some Reason

Flickr is having a massage (?)

Google TV?

Adam Lasnik spotted a Google job posting for a Product Manager, GoogleTV, who’s responsible for the “execution of projects that enable using Google’s search and advertising technologies to enhance users’ Television viewing experience.” (Is this about searchable TiVo?) [Via Search Engine Watch.]

Winer on Google Wifi

Dave Winer of writes:

“If Google really is doing a big nationwide wifi network then bless their souls for thinking so big. Someone has to do that big network. I mean, all our laptops have wifi now. Someday we’ll have wifi access everywhere, why wait? The money we’re spending on the war in Iraq could have done it. The money we’ll spend rebuilding the Gulf Coast could have done it. If Google can leverage their economic power to give us the network we deserve, now, then I gotta say thanks.”

Line Length

Longer line-length isn’t always bad in screen reading, some say.

C-Jump Game

Can a board game teach programming?

Google’s Predictive Market System

Google is putting crowd wisdom to work:

“At Google, we’re constantly trying to find new ways to organize the world’s information, including information relevant to our business. Building on the ideas of Friedrich Hayek and the Iowa Electronic Markets, a few Googlers (Doug Banks, Patri Friedman, Ilya Kirnos, Piaw Na and me, with some help from Hal Varian), set up a predictive market system inside the company.

The markets were designed to forecast product launch dates, new office openings, and many other things of strategic importance to Google. So far, more than a thousand Googlers have bid on 146 events in 43 different subject areas”


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