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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hyper Frame Game

A fun, original puzzle game in 3D; connect the colors on the cube. [Via Waxy.]

Google Code Jam Winner

Warsaw University’s Marek Cygan is the winner of the 2005 Google Code Jam, ending up top of 14,500 competitors from all over the globe.

Money in Blog Archives

[Google Money]

For those who have a blog spiced up with Google AdSense, Tristan Louis notes there’s money in archives, as people keep searching and finding content for years to come after publication:

“The first thing to take into account is that the model on using advertising in archives is one largely predicated on a long tail concept, whereas one can make more money from small increment over a long run than trying to score the big hit. In my case, this means trying to get a few good stories out on a regular basis, none of which is going to make lots of money on a single day but a few cents or a few dollars a day can add up to quite a nice payoff on a yearly basis. I believe that people who blog and develop a nice audience can see some of those results.”


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