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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kevin Sites, Yahoo’s Conflict Area Blogger

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone is a new site over at Yahoo News. According to the site, this is Yahoo’s “first endeavor in original multimedia newsgathering.” Kevin Sites is supposed to travel to conflict areas around the globe, sending back “stories, photos, video and audio reports focused on the human element.”

On first sight, I couldn’t find an RSS feed here. Comments are open though (and you don’t need to register to comment).

[Via Inside Google.]

Literature Map

The Literature Map by Marek Gibney visualizes the neighborhood of any author you enter. I entered [Umberto Eco] and got Vladimir Nabokov, Franz Kafka, James Joyce, George Orwell, Oscar Wilde, Paul Auster and Milan Kundera close to him. I [Via Lifehacker.]

Google Expansion

“Google Inc. is expected to announce plans today to build a 1 million-square-foot campus at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View”
– Dan Levy and Verne Kopytoff, San Francisco Chronicle, September 28, 2005 [Via SEW.]

Google Video Flash Keeps It Simple

Tinic Uro discusses why he thinks Google Video’s switch to Flash was the right thing to do (in a nut-shell: penetration, stability, and simplicity). I tend to agree. [Thanks Jan Schl├╝nzen.]

Sorry, Gotta Go Site

Playing any of the sounds found at may give you an excuse to end a phone conversation if you’re in a hurry. For example, the site contains wave files of someone knocking on the door, a car alarm that goes off, or jet noise (“I can’t hear you”). [Via LifeHacker.]

CSS Playing Cards

These playing cards are drawn mostly with CSS/HTML only. [Via Dr. Web Newsletter.]


ScreenGrab is a Firefox extension which lets you make screenshots of web pages – full web pages, that is, without any need for you to scroll down. [Via Dr. Web Newsletter.]


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