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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Google’s "Advertise on This Site"

Google is testing “Advertise on this site” links on certain pages using Google AdSense. Clicking on the link (which is always positioned next to the actual AdSense ads) will take you to a special Google AdWords page reading “Advertise on” ( being the domain the AdSense ad appeared on).

Dave Taylor says:

“I think it’s quite significant, actually, for two reasons: one, it demonstrates that the Google AdWords system is being extended to allow advertisers to bid on specific Web sites.

This also bridges a very important gap in the AdWords program because it finally lets potential advertisers who see a group of AdSense advertisements how they can be included. Sophisticated online advertisers scoff at this because they can already recognize an AdSense block at 100 paces, but the majority of potential online advertisers are lost”

Rumor has it you need to be on the page of a top performer to see this experimental feature in action.

[Thanks Kevin Savetz in the forum.]


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