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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Sun/ Google Cooperation Details

The Sun/ Google web cast mentioned earlier is now live. Eric Auchard of Reuters writes:

“Computer maker Sun and Web search company Google said they would jointly promote the Java Desktop, which runs thousands of PC programs, and OpenOffice, Sun’s free office productivity software that aims to compete with Microsoft’s Office.”

[Thanks again Jamie.]

Guess the Google Image Search

Can you guess what I searched for in Google Images?

Natural Language Queries Put to the Test

PCWorld looks at how well search engines handle natural language queries, like “What is the best way to start a barbeque?” or “What is the temperature in Paris?” (Note the table layout of the results was broken for me and I had to select the table header to see which search engine was where.) [Via Lifehacker.]

Google and Sun

Google Inc’s Eric Schmidt and Sun Microsystem’s Scott McNealy are giving a news conference, announcing some form of collaboration between their companies. You can tune in to the webcast today, 10:30 a.m. PT. [Thanks Miel.]

Update: Thanks to Jamie’s forum pointer that the announcement will be about a browser-based office suite based on Sun’s OpenOffice.

Circus Sign (German)

Dieser Nürnberger Zirkus sollte eigentlich “Carl Busch” heißen... es waren aber, wie das Foto von Bora Ugurlu vom Sonntag beweist, einige Kreative am Werk.

Robots (Google Collage)

Robots was created by searching Google Images for “robot.”


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