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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Yahoo Acquires

Yahoo has aquired Andy Baio’s social event calendar Andy blogs about it at (which, incidentally, also hosts what’s arguably the world’s best link blog):

“I’ve always had a warm and fuzzy feeling about Yahoo. It’s been my browser homepage since forever, and I still have stuck in muscle memory. Recently, the nostalgia has been replaced by admiration as I’ve watched them making smart decisions, acquiring great companies (Flickr, anyone?), and hiring all of my friends. The end result is that they’re doing some of the most interesting work online”

And here’s a word from Yahoo’s Paul Levine:

“In just a few years, most of it spent on nights and weekends, the Upcoming team has built an excellent site with a loyal and growing following. Now that they’ve joined Yahoo!, together we’ll build a social events platform that will integrate with our existing events offering and other areas of Y!, and will continue to support all web users in an open, participatory way.

I can’t wait to see what the team will pull off once they’re working full-time and fully backed by the people and assets at Yahoo!. We expect big things to happen”

Congratulations to Andy!


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