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Thursday, October 6, 2005

VisitorVille 3D Preview

[The Google bus is still there!]

VisitorVille* has made public a sneak preview of the new 3D version of their software.

At the moment, VisitorVille – a web statistics software with a very visual approach, treating your site as a city (and visitors to your site as its citizens) – has an isometric view but contains no real-time rendered 3D.
In VisitorVille 3D however, everything’s real-time, and you’ll be able to select any vantage point you like, or zoom in on the now more realistic visitors. You are also able to enter buildings (a building in VV is a single web page) and get closer to the specific group of visitors on that page.

*Disclaimer; I’m advertising VisitorVille to the right from time to time.

An exclusive close-up of the Google bus. When you see it, you know you’ve got visitors who found you on Google. You can also make your own special buses (like a “Slashdot” bus), at least you could in VV2D.

Also see my earlier review on VisitorVille (2D).

Update: VisitorVille 3D is here now.


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