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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Download and Play Google Video From Anywhere

Finally, I can view Google Video content from Germany – without installing AOL, that is – and download the movies, too. Let’s see how long this lasts... but here’s how to do it (tip o’ the hat to Jan Schl├╝nzen for his Flash advice):

  1. Download the program from Martijn de Visser to play standalone FLV files (please run executable/ setup on your own risk).
  2. Download files from the Google Video Downloader site (like Super Mario played on the piano, Bill Gates getting the Blue Screen of Death, or Homer Simpson with Intel inside.)
  3. Rename the file to add the extension “.FLV”.
  4. Start the FLV player program, and drag and drop the FLV download onto it.

To add your own downloads to the Downloader site, simply search for them, and then copy & paste the Google Video result link back into the second input box on the Downloader site.

And that’s all – happy watching in Germany and wherever else Google Video doesn’t work.


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