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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Free Food at Googleplex Cafeteria?

TechCrunch tells of a rumor that people who don’t work at Google are sneaking into Google to get free lunch: “To get into Google¬ís internal offices requires a discussion with security, sign in, badge, and escort. However, the dining area has no specific security into or out of it. If you can get past parking security, you can walk right in and eat.”

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Now there’s a tool giving you an answer to how much your blog is worth.

Mood Engine

Wild Mood Swings looks a bit like a search engine, but actually it’s just a way for you to pick your mood... and let yourself be forwarded to a website fitting that mood. [Thanks Renschler Senior.]

Night of the Living Dead - ’Duck and Cover’

For no reason at all, I mashed Night of the Living Dead with Duck and Cover [WMV] (the former is a classic zombie movie by Romero, the latter a government infomercial on the atomic bomb – both movies are in the copyright-free zone).

Great Internet Moments

Here are the greatest internet moments of all time revisited. A highly subjective selection, of course, but a lot of fun stuff to be found there. [Via Waxy.]

Yahoo’s Ad Tank

Yahoo’s Think Tank project (needs a recent version of the Flash player) runs from November 3rd to 17th and allows you to submit your advertising requests, to then webcam-watch them being worked on by “some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading creative minds.” [Via InsideGoogle.]

Yahoo in Battle Mode

Yahoo put up a life-sized statue of an “Alpha Geek”, awarding the Yahoo mail team for their “tremendous intellectual efforts put forth in order to defeat Gmail” and “kicking an enemy’s ass.” Kevin Fox (who used to be at Yahoo, and now works for Google) comments on the situation. (Statue photos are available.)

Update: Two guys from Yahoo respond.


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