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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Custom Google Ad?

Over at Rapidshare, there’s a a special kind of Google ad – something that looks like a customized half image/ half text Google AdSense ad. The HTML source to the page (copied here for reference) appears as though the site owner received special prototype code from Google to test new features. Of course this could also be non-official and hand-made; while the URLs point to Google (”... ..”), the graphic icon to the left rests on the Rapidshare server. [Via Digital Inspiration.]

Chitika Ads

There’s talk about website ad system Chitika in blogspace – someone managed to get his affiliate link to be the top position when you search Google for “Chitika.” Bloggers like Microsoft’s Robert Scoble even copied the link to their blog posts accidentally, thereby strengthening the affiliate position and making the owner money from sign-ups.

In the meantime, I’ve applied for the system to find out if it’s relevant and worthwhile to include into my ad section. Does anyone already have good or bad experiences with the service?


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