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Monday, November 14, 2005

Google Analytics Dead Today

Google Analytics (see previous post) has been so slow all day to be practically unusable. Some got loading screens, others got maintenance warnings. And this time, Google can’t blame it on the beta (as if that would matter) because Analytics wasn’t released as such.

This isn’t the first recent Google product launch that pretty much bombed. I remember the Google Reader go-live not long ago was just as slow on its first day. Now I’m almost certain Google will fix these issues within the next days, but why don’t they anticipate such heavy traffic or create realistic stress tests? I’m not saying it’s easy to cope with sudden traffic explosions, but “easy” aren’t exactly the type of problems Google usually tackles successfully. They do have hardware. They do have smart people. Or does every new product and its team get only limited resources to play around with... until it’s too late?

Update: Now Google Analytics works, and here are my first findings.


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