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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WSJ on Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage on September 22...

The Wall Street Journal reports on Alex Tew, who struck internet fame (and gold) with his idea, selling pixel by pixel.

The problem, however, is already apparent in the WSJ headline: “How Selling Pixels May Yield a Million Bucks.” This should read “... if You are First.” Because today, there are many, many copycat sites out there, some with aggressive marketing, who think that the important part of Alex’ idea was to sell ad space per pixel, and that they could indeed sell pixels to become millionaire. But... no.
The important part of Alex’ idea was that he was first to come up with a highly new and original way to make a homepage. And that’s something no one can repeat. The simple fact that Alex is the inventor of this kind of homepage means that mainstream sources (at least those who get the story right, like the WSJ) will always cover him. Internet history books he will go down into will always mention The Million Dollar Homepage. Because it was first and original, it actually works for the advertisers, and Alex didn’t resort to aggressive marketing either – I’m afraid that’s nothing any of the copycat sites can claim to be in their entirety.

... and today, two months later.


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