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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

55 Ways: You Can Write a Chapter Using a Wiki

I would like to have one chapter of my upcoming book be written by all of you using a Wiki!

The chapter’s title is the only thing that’s defined: “Fun With Google Maps (the Wiki Way).” The rest is dynamic and can be decided upon by all of you – Google Maps games, Google Maps tools, funny Google Maps findings (UFOs?), and more. (Note I already have one chapter on “digging a hole through earth”, so this doesn’t have to be covered.)

I will leave the Wiki page to itself for the next weeks and months (especially as I can’t see Google Maps or related tools from Germany due to loading problems), except deleting occasional spam. Because the book is very visual, you are welcome to post screenshots as well. Also, the chapter can be pretty much as long as you want. If you edit something, please feel free to add yourself as author below the “Authors” header so you get credited in the book.


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