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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Google Support World AIDS Day

Google supports the World AIDS Day with a red ribbon today. (The first site in the linked search results seems to hold up with the traffic at the moment.) Using Google’s “free to share” license search brought up the following overview:

“World AIDS Day – the international day of action on HIV and AIDS – takes place every year on December 1st.

According to UNAIDS estimates, there were 37.2 million adults and 2.2 million children living with HIV at the end of 2004, and during the year 4.9 million new people became infected with the virus. Around half of all people who become infected with HIV do so before they are 25 and are killed by AIDS before they are 35. 95% of the total number of people with HIV/AIDS live in the developing world. But HIV still remains a threat to people of all ages and nationalities.”


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