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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Caricature Generator

CaricatureZone offers a “Caricature Generator.” Choose between man or woman, then select from a variety of eyebrows, eyes, mouths and so to create a caricature.

Or, why not use Google Images? Try the new Celebrity Caricatures tool. Try Britney Spears, or Michael Moore, or any other star. By the way, if you want to see your own caricature and you don’t happen to be famous, just enter your first name only!

History of Google as ASCII Art

Here’s the history of Google... in colored letters. (Miel pointed me to a cool tool which creates HTML ASCII art out of photos.)

Hotlinked Image Prank

The problem of directly including an image from another server onto a page of your site is, morals aside, that it gives the owner of the other server complete control over what’s displayed at your page. Because of course, the image may change. The Business 2.0 blog had to learn this the hard way when they hotlinked to Paul Ford infamous “I am the Googlebot” image for an article on Google Base without even crediting Paul. Paul decided to send a variety of messages into their article... including “I Kiss Satan’s Hoof” and “Google is Booring”... [Via Kottke.]

Scrollbar Scarf

Very geeky: the scrollbar scarf. [Via Kottke.]

J-Walk’s Photo Caption Contest

Here’s today’s J-Walk photo caption contest.

Yahoo RSS to SMS

Miel says Yahoo Alerts have been updated with a new feature that lets you get RSS results on your phone via SMS. [Thanks Miel.]

Magazine Covers From the Future

These fictional magazine covers from a future world are quite funny (Elle’s cover: “Claudia Schiffer... still sexy at 135!” Or on FamilyCircle: “’Mommy, why can’t we live on earth’... answering kids’ tough questions.”). Note the site’s back button is broken. [Via Memepool.]

IMDb’s Movie Keyword Analyzer

The Internet Movie Database has a Movie Keyword Analyzer which allows you to enter any keyword (like “computer”) to get a list of related films. If you click on a related keyword from the result list, you’ll also be presented a tag cloud of more keywords. Somehow, MoKA thinks the tag “Computer Nerd” is related to “Computer”, “Exchange Student”, “Independent Film”, and “Female Nuditiy”... [Thanks Gary.]


Gary points me to ZoomInfo, which summarizes information about people as found on public web sources. Interesting. Take a look at Gary Price’s information.

Google and Man-U


Ido Kenan sent me above picture in response to news of Manchester United being in “advanced talks” with potential sponsors, including IBM, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, and ... Google.


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