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Monday, December 5, 2005

My New Blog: ChoiceBlogger


My girlfriend often asks me things like, “Do you prefer Chinese or German food?” or “Do you prefer coffee or hot chocolate?” My answer is always “I like both”, and I do. When I was in Malaysia, after a couple of months, I missed German bread – there’s no real bread in Asia, it seems. Back in Germany, after a while, I missed the spicy and incredible Malaysian food, like Kuching Kolo Mee (hot noodles for breakfast... no German would ever think of this!). Now wouldn’t life be perfect if we could have everything every other month? Isn’t variety what makes life great?

Well, at my new you get to decide what you prefer me to blog about. Every month, there will be 5 fresh choices to choose from – and every new month, I will exclusively write about what you decided on with your vote. I hope this makes for an entertaining blog with great variety – ’cause you can have it your way with 12 different topics per year!


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