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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pixel Group Movie

I will record a new movie of everything you draw at Pixel Group from now on until Monday. The current picture’s above, but I’m sure it won’t stay looking like this for long...

Oh No Robot Comics Search Engine

Nice, a comic books only search engine! There’s also a random comic feature. [Via John Battelle.]

Windows Local Privacy

Mike Liebhold takes a look at privacy issues of Microsoft’s Windows Local Live service. [Via Boing Boing.]

Yahoo Buys

Yahoo has acquired the social bookmarking website, the official blog reports. I found this via Digg, which is starting to get an image of a “tough to please” crowd among many. Take a look at this comment:

“I’ve been meaning to look into, but I hate yahoo...

Guess I won’t be then”

Google Shoes

Take a look at the Nike Google trainers which Brinke Guthrie sent in. These sport shoes apparently have been sent out as a PR gift, and they have the Google logo colors yellow, blue, red and green. Also, they feature the words “Goo” and “gle” on the back of each trainer. The current bid is around $70.


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