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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Google Calendar, Groups Integration Into Gmail?

Google allows you to help translate their services into the languages which you speak. A nice, grass-roots feature mining the public intelligence. Even better, as Caleb Eggensperger found out, you can use it to predict upcoming Google features... because Google wants to have those translated in advance!

Caleb – who currently translates Gmail to pig latin, just for fun – remarks, “It’s relatively easy to go down the list and see what Gmail will have in the future based on what they want translated.” The first item he found was a request to translate “Create Group”. The help text for this phrase is “Link used to add a new contact group”. This could hint at an integration of Google Groups the possibility to create contact groups to easily address more than a single person.

A view from Google’s translation tool (enlarge).

What’s even more interesting, Caleb stumbled upon the following: “View my calendar”. That’s right, it looks like Google wants to integrate their upcoming Google Calendar service into Gmail. Caleb also found the phrase “Can you attend?” – which is likely to be useful for Calendar integration as well.


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