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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yahoo Mail Beta Screenshot

Shawn sent in this screenshot of the new Yahoo mail client, which is currently running in a private beta phase. He says it’s possible he’s now part of it because he used the old Yahoo mailer for such a long time (10 years). From the looks of it this is much more akin to an Outlook-style reader applied to the web, as opposed to a more general rethinking of email. I’m sure some will like that because they don’t have to relearn using an email client, while others look for something more innovative.

Shawn says, referring to the likely unrelated graphic banner, “Like I want Martha Stewart staring at me while I read my inbox.” He adds, “it’s pretty slow loading mail compared to Gmail at the moment. Especially showing photos. It’s like (and is) an RSS reader. You click on the message and it will show in the display box below without refreshing the page.”

Some people on the other hand – like Walt Mossberg – say the upcoming Yahoo Mail is superior to Gmail. I wonder if it has Gmail-style conversations, though. I almost can’t imagine switching to a mail client which doesn’t have it – once you get to know it in Gmail, it completely changes the way you read and reply to emails. (With Gmail it’s basically unnecessary to quote, but of course, only if the other person also has Gmail... you kind of wish other mail clients adopt the same technology.)


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