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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Opinmind Opinion Finder

Opinmind by James Kim and Hongcheng Mi is a fun tool to find positive and negative comments by bloggers on any subject imaginable. For example, I entered “Napoleon Dynamite” and to the left side in light green were comments like “I love the movie Napoleon Dynamite” or “I enjoy the movie Napoleon Dynamite, and will quote it at you randomly.” On the right side on light purple on the other hand were negative snippets, like “I hate Napoleon Dynamite” or “Monty Python is frickin’ hilarious, but Napoleon Dynamite sucks.”

The crowd intelligence is mined with a “sentimeter” on top of the results which shows a 78% approval rate for this particular search. Every snippet, of course, is linked to the blog post it originates at. Very cool. And just for fun, I entered “Opinmind” itself into the engine, but it returned only positive reviews so far...

Note that Opinmind has a “vs” operator. You can enter e.g. “Google vs Microsoft” and find out who’s more popular (not surprisingly, it’s Google).

[Via Micro Persuasion.]


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