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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Google Releases Homepage API

[Google Homepage API]

Google released a very interesting Google Homepage API service. This gives developers the chance to code widgets for users to add to their Personalized Google Homepage. Every widget at its core is an XML file with additional JavaScript and HTML hosted on your own server, or – if you don’t have a server – at any other public place, including Google Base. Current examples from the Homepage Content directory include a clock, eyes which follow you, or a weather map. At the moment, as the service is newly released, all of these have been created by Google employees and serve sample purpose as well.

Staff picks from the Homepage Content Directory.

Adding widgets is really easy. Just click on “add” below a widget you like, and it will instantly be added to your personalized homepage. You can then drag and drop it to a new position, or permanently remove it by clicking its corner “x”.

Note that to make the personalized home your actual Google homepage, all you need to do is have a Google account and be signed in with it, and then click “Personalized Home” at the top. You can switch back to the classic homepage anytime by clicking “Classic Home.”

It should be fun to watch now what developers create with this API...

[Thanks Brinke Guthrie, Caleb E., and David Sanger.]

Update: Alex Ksikes and I came up with Google Modules so you can (quickly) submit your widgets.


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