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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Google Extensions for Firefox

The Google Labs release Google Extensions for Firefox. The following tools are collected on the page:

Now, Blogger Web Comments was the one of the two new extensions which worked for me. (Nothing happened at all when I clicked “Install” on the Safe Browsing extension.) By the way, older versions of Firefox will be completely incompatible with the two new extensions. I wonder why Firefox (or Google?) doesn’t make their extension framework downwards-compatible in new versions.

Now, the Blogger Web Comments extension seems very interesting. It rests in the lower right side of the browser, and you can scroll through individual items or expand all items. If you already read an item, it will disappear until you click on a speech bubble icon in the lower right. Unfortunately, it only showed German-language comments for me, which made it almost useless... naturally, I want to see comments from all over the world and not just Germany. (Also, I couldn’t open the options of the extension, and my preferred browser language is already set to English.)

[Thanks Caleb E., Henrique G., and Fabian U.]

Update: Amit Agarwal in his blog says the Safe Browsing extension by default is available for US users only, and suggests a workaround for international users.


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