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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Technorati Charts

The Technorati blog search engine updated their result pages with a new “mentions by day” phrase popularity chart, among other tweaks. Unfortunately the chart only shows the last month – it would be more interesting to see the development of the phrase popularity over a longer period of time.

[Via Gary Price.]

Multi Search Module

If you want to have a variety of search engines on the personalized Google homepage, the multi search Google module might be for you. A single select box expands to let you choose anything from Blog, Wikipedia, Yahoo or Creative Commons searches to Translation tools.

Ray Kurzweil Meets Google Translation Team

Brian Mingus reports that Ray Kurzweil met with the Google developers responsible for the (new and likely upcoming) Google in-house machine translation system.

Yahoo Auto Linker Updated

Do you remember the Yahoo Auto Linker tool from a while ago? I updated it and also created a Google Module for it. The tool still does the same as before: it finds the significant phrases in any text via Yahoo’s terms extraction service, and then uses Yahoo’s web search API to automatically insert a top link for those phrases.


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