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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Straight-forward Google Base People Profiles

The Google Base homepage has been slightly redesigned. On the front-page, there’s now a red link to “People profiles”, and you will find the strangest stuff on it. Most items have been uploaded by dating sites – like, or – and the semi-SFW profiles themselves don’t beat around the bush. “I like being tied up and a little pain can be enjoyable (i.e. nipple clamps)”, Sleepless in California writes (she made it into the Google Base profiles top 20, spam or real). Others are “just looking for action,” and every profile is nicely illustrated with a Web 2.0 Ajax map and a Web 1.0 photo.

Google 2006 Card

Google tries to make some AdWords users happy by sending out New Year’s Cards. Gerard R. took a snapshot.


Buzzingo mashes Yahoo’s Buzz Index with Google’s “I’m feeling lucky,” Hanan says. (Partly NSFW.)

Gogole Shirt

Albertine tells me, “Gogole means stupid in French,” and points to this t-shirt.


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