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Saturday, January 8, 2005

Technorati Developer Contest Winners

The winners of the Technorati Developer Contest have been announced. (Among them Aaron Swartz of the Google Weblog.)

Two-Letter Domains

Out of curiosity I compiled an overview of all two-letter domain names, starting from down to

Some of the domains, like or, are for sale. I wonder, what’s a realistic price for those?

In Germany (country code “de”), two letter domain names aren’t allowed anymore. However in the very early days you could still register them. Now in Germany there are and will be only three second-level domains with two letters:

  1. (the German railway, “Deutsche Bahn”).
  2. (IX, a news magazine company publishing Germany’s Slashdot,
  3. (HQ, “Technology Based Solutions for Human Resources”).

Yahoo Picks 2004

Yahoo is presenting their favorite sites of 2004.

Context Ads Blog

JenSense is a weblog all about contextual advertising, like Google AdWords and AdSense. [Via ResearchBuzz.]

First Spam

I recently pointed to the first website ever. Now here’s the first spam mail ever. [Via Gadgetopia.]

Top 100 Toys

What did they play with in the 70s and 80s?


Here are ASCII babes for ASCII-art lovers.

Google Mystery Image 4 Solution

Onle one got the recent Google Mystery Image right: it was a coffee machine. And the winner is:

Rich Hodge.

Blogs by Cover

Judge blogs by their cover.


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