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Monday, January 10, 2005

Googling "Ouch, I think ..."

Opentopia Webcams, and Piet

No need to search for unsecured webcams yourself anymore: Opentopia has it all nicely lined up, gallery-style, thanks to some clever Google scripting.

In the meantime Richard told me this cam of Piet (found via Google) inspired him to create a fan site dedicated to Piet...

McAfee Does Google Hacking

“McAfee has released an update to its tool that uses Google to automatically search for security holes in Web sites.
SiteDigger 2.0, delivered on Monday, looks for information about a Web site’s security by sending specific queries to Google’s Web database. Known as Google hacking, such searches can turn up easily exploitable flaws and sensitive information, including credit card numbers and user account information.”
– Robert Lemos, McAfee automates Google hacking (CNet), January 10, 2005

Google’s Blogger and Orkut Banned in Iran


“Friends in Iran, journalists and technicians, are saying that judiciary officials have ordered all major ISP to filter all blogging services including PersianBlog, BlogSpot, Blogger, BlogSky, and even BlogRolling.

They have also ordered to filter Orkut, Yahoo Personals and some other popular dating and social networking websites.”
– Hoder, No blogging, no social networking, January 06, 2005

Comic Book Search Engine

Another search engine for comic book covers is (This one’s good, but doesn’t seem to have any thumbnail overviews for search results.)


Entering _,.-~*’`’*~-.,_ into Google brings up a lot of Chinese pages. Does anyone have an explanation why?

Asian Inventions

Here are some original inventions from Asia. [Thanks Shan.]


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