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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Google Infoglobe

The Google Infoglobe is a futuristic-looking new item at the Google Store, serving as message center, clock, and calendar.

“Finally, the most fun feature: creating personal messages that circle the globe continuously, or on a specified date (great for birthday reminders).”

While this doesn’t exactly beat the search engine belt buckle, it’s a more realistic gadget. [Tip o’ the hat to Gary Price.]

Free Gmail Invites

A reliable source told me is a good place for those who are still looking for Gmail. (And if you have spare invites, you can donate them there.)

Google and German Weather

Naturally with every search request Google receives it starts to play a fuzzy game of “guess what the user meant.” Especially when it tries to display related services, like stock or news-related information, this can backfire. When users in German search for Wetter Berlin (which translates to “Berlin weather”) the result will show a travel route – from Berlin to the somewhat obscure German city “Wetter."

Face Transformer

Upload an image and transform it (Java needed). [Via Waxy.]

Yahoo Desktop Search

Yahoo publishes their own desktop search tool.


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