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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Formula for Creating Unsuccessful Million Dollar Homepage Spin Offs

  1. Be faithful to the original idea.
  2. Give the original idea a slight spin by targeting it toward a niche (e.g. a specific country, or a specific industry).
  3. Spam blog comments with your URL (spam other places you find, too – the options are limitless).
  4. Send an email to bloggers, specifically those who already covered the original site.
  5. On your pixel site, pretend it’s “fast growing” and “a piece of internet history.”
  6. Do not prominently credit Alex Tew, the creator of the original site.
  7. Create a few pixels on your own page so people will think others are buying your pixels.
  8. Submit your site to a “Million Dollar Homepages directory,” so others will see you’re in good company.
  9. After a few months, realize that your idea only has a 1 to 100 chance of taking off because you weren’t first.
  10. Rip off the next hot idea of the day, and start back at 1).


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