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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Google’s Bigdaddy

“You were quite entitled to make any suggestions or protests at the appropriate time you know.”
– Mr. Prosser to Arthur Dent

Google has a new data center nicknamed Bigdaddy, as Googler Matt Cutts writes. Matt expects that Bigdaddy’s results, which are still experimental at this stage, will become the default for Google later on (possibly in a few months). Matt says, “[Bigdaddy] has some new infrastructure, not just better algorithms or different data. Most of the changes are under the hood, enough so that an average user might not even notice any difference in this iteration.”

If you want to help test-drive the new results, you can do so by searching at If you’re unhappy with what you find, you can use the the “Dissatisfied?” link at the bottom right to send feedback, or file a spam report (include the word “Bigdaddy” in your additional details). As Matt puts it, “No data center will make 100% of people happy. For every url that moves into the top 10, another url moves out.”


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