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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Top 10 Moves by Google in 2006

This 2006 prediction list by Mark Daoust is funny. [Thanks James Rougier in the forum.]

Google Water?

Punk Seargeant says he found “Google Water” in Iraq... and is now auctioning it on eBay!

Google Sushi Logo

Thanks to Kevin Adrian for sending this non-official Google logo. (If you made a Google logo too, just send it in and I’ll put it up here!)

New Google Cartoon

Take a look at this Google cartoon from New Zealand. [Via David Krane.]

Google Particle Logo

This Java-based Google logo interacts with your cursor. Nice. [Thanks Zalph in the forum.]

Eric Schmidt Interview (Video)

BBC has an interview of Google CEO Eric Schmidt [WMP]. (Also see the accompanying article.) [Thanks James Boulter.]

Googling Surveillance Cameras

These kind of Google hacks aren’t new, but they’re still fun: enter inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=" into Google and follow some of the links to get to view a lot of live surveillance cams (in this case, many are from Japan). [Thanks Enjoy Surveillance.]

Google Acquires Reqwireless

Gary Price pointed me to this piece by the National Post’s Mark Evans:

“Google disclosed . . . it acquired Reqwireless Inc., which makes Web browser and e-mail software for wireless devices – although the small wireless company’s products are no longer available for purchase.”


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