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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Yahoo Go

Yahoo Go is a new product line for phones, PCs, and TVs “so your stuff is always with you and easy to get to.” What does Yahoo want with your TV? The Business 2.0 blog writes:

“Yahoo Go for the TV is Yahoo’s answer to Microsoft’s Media Center software. Both are PC applications that let your PC control your TV, and let you gain access to your digital photos, music, and videos through your TV. Both also turn your PC into a TiVo-like DVR, so that you can record TV shows and movies on your PC hard drive and then watch them on your TV screen any time you want.”

And your cell phone? There’s a SIS download for Symbian OS phones (the Nokia 60 series). It’s quite large at 1.75 MB and needs 8 MB free on a separate memory card. Apparently what you get out of it are mail, photos, news, movies, search, instant messaging and such. For easy download, you can point your phone to

(Half an hour and a few failed downloads later – the last one cancelled at 77%, I suppose my phone was full – I’m giving up on this. Maybe they should make accessible sites instead of downloads, it could work for many tools they aim to offer. Not for all, like IM, but certainly for email, photo management and such.)

[Thanks Brinke Guthrie, photo blogger at different places.]


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