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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

V for Vendetta (Video)

If you’re a comic book fan, you won’t be able to ignore Alan Moore... and if you’re an Alan Moore fan, you won’t be able to ignore his V for Vendetta comic book. There’s now a trailer [MOV] for the upcoming movie based on the comic book. (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, by the way, was another Alan Moore adaption. The Watchmen on the other hand, arguably Moore’s most famous comic book, still awaits its movie version.)

In other trailer news, there’s Final Destination 3 (that one’s a bit of a glossy splatter movie, utilizing everyday situations – like riding an elevator – for horror effects).

Google Earth Mac

Google released their mapping tool Google Earth for the Mac. [Thanks Artem, Niraj Sanghvi.]

Google and Volkswagen to Develop Navigation System

German Die Welt reports that Google and Volkswagen are working together to bring a new navigation system to cars. According to Die Welt, Larry Page at the CES said Google and VW aim to build a prototype which makes use of Google Earth. Garrett French of Search Engine Lowdown comments, “So can I get free gas if I run AdWords on my bumper?”

Search Comic

What’s that... Search, the superhero comic book? (Will we see Dr. SEO against Spidey, the friendly neighborhood webcrawler?)

AOL Buys Truveo

The Truveo video search engine has been acquired by AOL. AOL in a press release said they plan to integrate Truveo technology into their own video search.

Convert Any Page to Latin

This one’s fun to play around with... check out Google Blogoscoped in Latin! Or – to put it in Latin – “Sola lingua bona est lingua mortua.” [Thanks Kartoffelseite.]

Google Talk Buddy Icons

Google Talk seems to have buddy icons in store for a coming update, Miel reports.

Yahoo Acquires WebJay

Yahoo (in its apparent quest to buy all the start-ups in the world) has acquired WebJay, “a site that allows for categorization, editing, listening, and sharing of playlists online”, as Tristan Louis puts it. Tristan interviewed Lucas Gonze, WebJay creator, on the acquisition.


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