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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Google Analytics Partly Back Again

Google Analytics is opening its doors again for new users, Google informs in a status update:

“We’ve added enough capacity that we are re-opening sign-ups on an invitation basis. Many of our users who previously submitted their email address to us will be receiving an invite shortly.”

Google adds they’ve increased the update frequency for reports, too, with data being presented now within as little as 3 hours. Also, Google says they re-enabled existing users to add new site profiles, but that didn’t show for me. Consequently, the Analytics help opposes the status update in this point (I don’t know, but it might be showing for some only, or none at all):

“Google Analytics has experienced extremely strong demand. As a result, we have temporarily limited the ability to add new profiles.”

I’ll give the Analytics team a little more time to get things right for sure before I re-introduce the Urchin tracker code... while the data visualization was nice, Analytics killed some of my sites last time, and right now they’re obviously facing another traffic peak due to new sign-ups. Who knows if they are able to scale this time?

[Thanks KenWong.]


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