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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Larry Page’s Keynote (More complete video)

People have been wondering the last few days... just where’s a full video of the Larry Page speech at the CES? Well, I don’t know about that, but this (low quality) video of the event [WMP] is a little more complete. It’s still missing Robin Williams though.

At one point, Larry Page says, “I guess, you know, we wouldn’t wanna announce a video store without a whole bunch of great video...” In retrospect this is kinda embarassing, considering the underwhelming quantity & quality of content the Google Video Store offers now.

More Google executive talk is available from Google’s Podium page.

[Thanks Gary Price of SEW.]

Update: Robin Williams has been discovered in the comments...

Daily Computer History Module

I like this Google Module which displays a daily bit of computer history on your personalized Google homepage. Today’s piece:

“The first hypertext-based system is developed in 1967 by a team of researchers led by Dr. Andries van Dam at Brown University. IBM funds the research. The first hypertext implementation, Hypertext Editing System, runs on an IBM/360 mainframe. IBM eventually sells the system to the Houston Manned Spacecraft Center which reportedly uses it for the Apollo Space Program documentation.”

Put Google Videos on Your Site

Recently, Google Video introduced a “Put on site” link to the right side of videos. Clicking it opens an HTML snippet for you to copy on your blog or other website.

Playback didn’t work for me, or is too slow to show, as I can only see the first cell. (Then again, Google Video doesn’t really work at all in Germany... and this playback issue might be connected to that.)

[Thanks Justin Flavin in the forum.]

Zoom Out

This map was what I just saw when I zoomed out of Google Local. This sort of puts the world in perspective.

Who Searches When?

This animation of daily search activity around the globe isn’t new, but you might not have seen it yet. It’s an official visualization straight from the Google Labs. [Via Information Aesthetics.]

Overlaying Google Images

To come up with this series of pictures, Meggan Gould overlayed the first 100 images of a Google search result for specific keywords. Above image is the “brain average” (according to the file name). [Via Information Aesthetics.]

Springdoo: Talking Emails

It’s a simple concept; Springdoo wants you to speak your emails. So instead of email text, you’ll be sending and receiving email voice. [Thanks Orli Yakuel.]

Date Charts

If you ever get dumped, these charts and graphs titled “Why you should continue to date me” by Joel A. Friesen may come in handy. [Via the very cool Information Aesthetics blog.]

Relation Browser

The Relation Browser analyzed the CIA World Factbook for glue phrases such as “X is part of Y”, “X has a border to Y” or “X is spoken in Y” to come up with a neat nodes visualization. (This approach can be very powerful in combination with Google, too, by using the Googleshare algorithm.) [Via George Hotelling.]

Package Mapper is a Google Maps based tool showing your FedEx, UPS, or USPS package routes. [Via Andy Baio.]


GookBox say they enable you to play and store music in your Gmail account. [Via LifeHacker.]


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