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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FeedXS Link Blogging

FeedXS is a sort of slim blogging platform. You can register an account along with a feed name – a “feed” is not an RSS in FeedXS terminology, it’s more like a link blog (though naturally that blog offers RSS) – and then post away. Take a look at the Google “feed” I just created to get an idea of what this looks like (FeedXS doesn’t seem to allow me to change the template and color scheme of my link blog, so it will be in red/ orange/ yellow colors like the rest of this site). On the FeedXS homepage, link blogs are then sorted by those which receive the most clicks.

As an original extra feature, FeedXS allows you to post links from MSN Messenger (you need to add to your friends list, and then type commands like !auth or !new).

The .NET-driven site contains some non-perfect English (the company is based in the Netherlands), but I really like the design. Everything’s very large with strong colors, but also very uncluttered and easy to navigate. The tabs on top allow you to switch languages, and it’s easy to imagine more languages being added over time.

[Thanks Orli Yakuel.]


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