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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Google IFAQ

An IFAQ is a collection of Infrequently Asked Questions on any topic; this IFAQ’s topic is Google.

When will Google land on the moon?

Google is not a space ship, why should it land on the moon? The answer is: probably never.

How many Google engineers does it take to screw light bulb?

It takes 5 Google engineers. 4 of them don’t screw the light bulb at all during their main project, and 1 does it in his 20% on the side work time.

When is Larry Page’s unbirthday?

On all days that ever existed, except for 26 March 1973.

What do Google and Isaac Newton have in common?


What is the top Google search result for the number 3983491?

It’s a page on the website (model photo 3983491, to be exact).

How do you spell “Google"?

Google is spelled “gee oh oh gee ell ea.”

How many colors are there in the Google logo?

It’s a common misconception that there are 4 colors in the Google logo. Actually, the GIF file contains 239 colors.

What happens if I enter “google” into Google and click “I’m feeling lucky"?

Seemingly, nothing happens. (Get it?)

Just how evil is Google?

Some argue a mathematical approach fails on this question, but Polish scientist Madko Prominsk calculated the result is 2398.01.


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