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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Google Local Glue

Travis’ screenshot.

Travis Harris writes:

“I was playing with the new zoom levels on Google Local and where better to look around than Manhattan? So, I searched for NY NY and it was bugging out my eyes... so Why? I thought I’d do a little investigating. Naturally Google has to “glue” together different satellite images to come up with their map of the world, but interestingly enough, it appears they did that in the middle of Manhattan and tried to make it not too noticeable. So, I took the attached image and tore it apart. Probably the most interesting tidbit is that there are actually two buildings in NY that appear to occupy the same space... Can you say Sci-fi?

Red arrows assist in showing satellite viewing angle
Light blue line is my best attempt at telling where they glued it together
dark blue is me tracing the shadows to show different time of day/angle (this of course can be offset by the buildings)
green circle is me pointing out an instance of two building sharing the same space!”


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