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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Web Nostalgia

Steve Baldwin found sites which claim to be “optimized for Netscape 2.0” – yep, that 1996 browser we all thought died long ago! Steve says, “Clunky, clumsy, and pixelated, sporting absurdly colorful backgrounds, these sites, untouched by the flow of time, might be said to be ’forever young.’”

Talking about web nostalgia, is this ad truly the web’s first banner ever?

Technorati 25

Here are the Technorati Top 25 blogs.

Google Local Update Makes for More Details

Google added two new zoom levels in Google Local’s satellite model, the official Google Blog reports. [Thanks Reto M.]

Helicopter Cam

Draganfly’s tools allow you to mount a camera onto a helicopter or rocket to make for interesting videos (I whish the videos on that site weren’t as tiny).


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