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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Discontinuing AdSense in Protest

After today’s news, already some blogs are cancelling their Google AdSense ads. Blogger News Network writes:

“In response to the decision of Google to gain access to the Chinese market by censoring its search content, Blogger News Network has reached the difficult decision to discontinue running Google’s ads on our service. As a news organization with aspirations to earning public trust, BNN must act ethically in its financial dealings. (...)

BNN would like nothing more than to resume running Google’s AdSense advertisements. On the day when Google announces that it will make its services available in China only in conformance with democratic and freedom-oriented values, we will happily resume our business relationship with Google. Until that time, however, we cannot be fiscally associated with a company that does business in this manner.

Other bloggers must, of course, reach their own ethical decisions concerning how they wish to structure their advertising. BNN does invite journalists, magazines, blogs, and any other entity with a commitment to values of democracy, freedom of speech, and truth, to discontinue running Google’s advertising.”

Do you know of more blogs discontinuing AdSense to protest Google’s decision? If you are running AdSense, do you intend to remove them?

Update: Baseball Musings also removed their AdSense. [Thanks Mike.]


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