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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Responses on Google’s Censorship in China

Wuming writes:

“I am a graduate student from China. I am a completely Google fan and really appreciate the Google culture, in terms of objectivity. I cannot imagine the life without Google, esepcially for my research work (indeed, there was a really hard time that was completely blocked here, when I can only use, which is a complete garbage). Personally, I am pretty satifsfied with the Google search contents survived the Great Firewall. Though I am able to access the “complete” search results from Google english version, I cannot open and view those forbidden links (once click, the connect will get lost). In such a sense, what Google did not make any difference for my life.”

Martin Wang in the forum writes:

“It is not Jun. 4th, 1989 anymore. Chinese intellectuals and people have already tasted the bullets, and many died. Any demonstration resulted in only death of people, but gained nothing. We know what we are gonna have when we fight against the goverment. We have no choice but have to shut ourselves up, because we want to survive with our families and friends. We must be dumb. When western people are shouting about how bad the democracy and human rights in this country are, I tell ya, in the mainland, nobody cares, or at least dares. Even the politicians, they dont bother to think too much, and just make up some craps to easily defend themselves. It is not surprised at all that Google has to compromise with Chinese Communist about censorship. Censorship is one of Chinese Communists favorite weapons. Everything should/must be censored in China under eyes of the government. If you want to make money in China, actually sometimes just to survive, you have to get used to this everything-under-censorship fact as we do. Google or other companies will never have any exception.”

Martin also says:

“Compared with other searching engine, Google has already been very strong, at least, in the USA, a speech-free country, Google did/do very well against Bush administration. The fight is impressive, and shows the courage of Google quite well. As for the decision for the Chinese case, let’s just say, it is just communism, what are you gonna do?!

It is not Khmer Rouge or Kim Jong-il, we Chinese should already thank goodness!”


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