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Friday, January 27, 2006

Why Google in China Makes Sense and More

Bill Thompson at BBC brings you arguments on why Google in China makes sense:

“With power comes responsibility, and Google now has more power than any other corporation to shape the way the internet evolves.”

Also at BBC, Chinese bloggers debate the Google censorship issue. Yan Sham-Shackleton, whose own blog was censored in China for a while, writes:

“The problem is not that Google is censoring its search service, it is that China doesn’t have free speech.

But I’m always supportive of kicking up a fuss about American companies. Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are part of the ’Great Firewall’. They helped build the infrastructure to block information.”

Meanwhile at Times Online, Bill Gates jumps in for Google defending the move of IT companies complying with Chinese censorship laws. Also at Times Online, Irene Kahn of Amnesty International criticizes Google:

“Later that night, as I left for my hotel, a CEO who runs a ’reputation management’ company with an office in China told me that Western technology companies could have faced off the threat of censorship if they had taken a united stand on China.”


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