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Monday, January 30, 2006

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google: The Wiki Page

I was very happily surprised by the great chapter all of you have been writing at Fun With Google Maps. In a nut-shell, this page is a Wiki that will make it into the upcoming book 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google as its own chapter – credited to everyone who edits it. I plan to finalize this page in around 2 weeks and until then, you can still enter your contributions or corrections. You can polish sentences, add new paragraphs and Google Maps hacks, or do anything else you think will make for a fun read in the book. Thanks to everyone!

How’s the book going? Very good. I am now in final stages of “wrapping it up” (e.g. spell-checking, reading for clarity). I do not know yet if I find a publisher, and may go ahead with Plan B (self-publishing at But I did talk to people who might be interested, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve ran into more technical issues than I thought writing this in OpenOffice, and there are some nasty conversion errors at (like this one and this one) that couldn’t be resolved until now. I bought Microsoft Office to convert this with Word, but that didn’t help. If there are any MS Word/ OO Writer hackers out there, I’d be happy if you can contact me.


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