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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

ChoiceBlogger: Male/ Female Communication

In February, I will be blogging about male/ female communication at ChoiceBlogger. You can now vote for one of the five new topics for March.

Sega Game Oldies

These Sega games can be played right in your (Java-enabled) browser. Check out Sonic the Hedgehog, Duke Nukem (in definite retro-3D), Golden Axe, or Lemmings. [Thanks Miel.]

Also see this web-based C64 emulator.

Google Reader Update

Reto Meier sent in this about Google Reader:

“Looks like Google Reader has been updated – there’s now a ’Labels...’ combo-box next to the ’edit subscriptions’ link that lets you filter by label without havign to go through the subscriptions link. Very handy addition.”

Google Monoculture?

Tristan Louis wonders if the recent Google stock downfall is history (Netscape) repeating itself. He points out what he sees as weaknesses of Google:

“[W]orrisome, however, is the development of the Google monoculture. Much of what is going on at Google is happening with little involvement and input from the community. This is where Microsoft generally starts striking. Say what you want about the Redmond giant, they know how to listen and how to take brutal feedback and turn it into decent product. (...)

If it wants to survive, Google needs to do something similar. Throwing a product out to the world with the world beta on it is not a feedback loop. Sitting down with users, developers, thought leaders is. The feedback is not always good but it helps improve the product, which is how one wins this war.”

Google Video Player Download

In case you were one of the people that couldn’t get the Google Video Player as part of Google Pack, here’s a download page. [Thanks Brinke Guthrie.]


Mike Tung ranked colleges... using Google.


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