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Thursday, February 2, 2006


Do you know those Choose-your-own-adventure books popular in the 80s? Well, I think one can transfer the concept to podcasting. A podventure would consist of say 200 tracks of one album. Each track (each MP3) represents a single station. For example, the track 001-start.mp3 would be a voice speaking this:

“You’re standing in a very dark room. There’s no light-switch to be seen anywhere. What do you do?

• You try to find a light-switch by finding the walls. Go to track #2.
• Or... you just wait patiently listening for sounds. Go to track 3.
• Or... you go to sleep. Go to track 15.

Make your choice!”

People could then download the adventures on their iPods or other MP3-players, and play the game on the train, in the airplane, the car (if they’re not driving) and so on.


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