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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Google Print Ads

You can now create Google AdWords in print publications like Information Week or Motor Trend. Click on the magazine that picks your interest, enter your AdWords login & Customer ID (found in the upper right corner of your AdWords account), and select the ad space. The ads are offered as part of an auction system – you place a bid – though you can’t seem to see what bid others have placed so far. The auction runs until February 20.

I’ve placed a $30 bid for a 1/4 page at Information Week. By far not enough I guess, but maybe at least that helps me find out what the winning bid was. Google says they’ll email those with a winning bid by March 3.

On a side-note, after logging into AdWords with an older email address I used at time of sign-up, Google guided me through a multi-step process allowing me to merge/switch to my unified Google Account. (While I like the fact that I only need a single login for different Google services, it would be even nicer if I would stay logged in as well across different services... and not always have to enter my password again.)

[Via InsideGoogle.]


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