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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stuff & Me Website

What a cool idea: at you pay $15, and in return you get your product featured in a photo with site creator Aric McKeown. I couldn’t resist paypalling the 15 bucks asking for a photo with a print-out of this blog... which should be on the front-page of Stuff & Me now! (Here’s the permalink in case this disappears.)

Who’s Aric, you may ask? In his FAQ, Aric tells that his various websites and interests so far didn’t provide “that nice green papery stuff.” He goes on to say that “[a]s a 26 year old male with a charming mug and a pocket full of creativity, it is time to put these things to good use. So in buying an ad on Stuff & Me, you are essentially buying me. Nice to meet you.”


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