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Monday, February 13, 2006

Spamming Bloggers

Recently I received a spam mail from a well-known blog tool. It turned out this non-personalized email was sent out to about 100 publishers, according to its creator, whose identity he confirmed to me. (I don’t mind someone pitching ideas or products to me as long as the email is personal, e.g. my name appears in the greeting.) Checking various blog searches, I could already see some bloggers had published the spam mail, along with their loudly voiced complaints. I think the creator of the original email realized it is not the brightest idea to spam bloggers, and he told me he’d refrain from such practices in the future. Even cold-calling a blogger can be a bad idea...

Google in Time

[TIME: Can We Trust Google With Our Secrets?]

Time has a cover story on Google. How much do people google for porn? “It’s a small, single-digit percentage,” Larry Page says. [Thanks Brinke.]

Create a Historic Tale

The Historic Tale Construction Kit allows you to create a (multi-frame) medieval story using text and objects such as humans, animals, or houses. This one has some bugs, but it’s fun. [Via Man of Red Earth.]


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