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Saturday, February 18, 2006

You Can Now Require Google Modules to Run Inline

Google changed their personalized homepage features so that you can now set the “render_inline" value to “required” when developing a module. At Google, we now also support this “required" value. When you use it, Google will show a dialog to the user right within the module area, asking for approval of this “inlining” (which has consequences on the security, so you should trust the module’s author):

“Module requires inlining. Inline modules can alter other parts of the page, and could give its author access to information including your Google cookies and preference settings for other modules. Click OK if you trust this module’s author.”

While the “required" value isn’t new, it’s new that you can actually use it. Google probably realized that only allowing this value for officially approved modules (read: their modules) is not of much great help to developers. Indeed, this value was often misunderstood – so far, you had to use “optional” if you wanted to comply with the specs, even though your module wouldn’t run if not inlined.


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