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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google’s Animated AdSense

Ouch. I was just playing around with adding AdSense to this blog, so I went for a medium rectangle, image-only at the bottom, including an alternate URL pointing to one of my images. Somehow, I’m not a big fan of those tiny-font text AdSense ads.

Now, checking some of the ads that were now served I was mildly shocked to find that Google was showing animated AdSense ads. Maybe this is old news to many of you, but I never saw those on any of my sites – and I don’t want to either. Here’s the ad in question, by the way.

In their help entry on this, Google says:

“We’ve recently expanded the image ads we offer to include animated image ads. Animated image ads will fit the file size requirements of static image ads and will need to abide by an additional set of editorial policies. We anticipate that this new type of image ad will attract additional advertisers, leading to more image ad inventory and an increased variety of ads that can appear on your pages.”

Google’s editorial policies on this state that animations are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds, and that ads can loop at most 3 times. Google also says that “distracting ads ... are not allowed.” But who’s to decide what kind of animations are distracting? At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a way for AdSense users to disable animations when running image ads, either (I’ve contacted the AdSense support and will post an update should anything come out of this).

So, until I find a better solution the AdSense are gone again now.


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